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Hannah's Happy Hands

New Saf​ety Kits (Pandemic Preparedness)

  • Ready to Ship! Each kit contains: 
  • Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer (refillable bottle) 
  • Jergen's Hand Moisturizer
  • 2 sets of Nitrile Gloves
  • 2 Face Masks
  • 2 Puzzle Piece Soaps (Triple Butter Formula) 

Stay pandemic proof while working in the frontlines, travelings, heading to work, shopping, or heading outside at anytime. Perfect gifts for essential workers during this time. Discount applied for large orders! 

Breakdown of Pricing: $16.00 for kit + $5.00 for shipping cost!​

Essential Safety Kits
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A Chance To Dance

*$1.00 of each soap goes to benefit A Chance To Dance #themovementtobekind

  • Soap comes in Pink or Purple with Lavender Essential Oil Scent.

Dancing Ballerina
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Over 50 Soaps​

If you are purchasing over 50 products, please click the link to email us your special/custom order.

Thank you!

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Scents & Available Colors


Color of product: Purple/Mauve

Tea Tree Oil

Color of product: Green


Color of product: Yellow


Color of product: Yellow or Green 

Sweet Orange

Color of product: Light Orange


Color of product: Dark/Red Orange


 Color of product: Blue or Green 


Color of product: Pink, Yellow, or Red

Scents & Available Colors

Includes Seasonal Scents that will open up around the Fall/Winter season.


Color of Product: Light Pink, Green, or Red

Fresh Cotton

Color of Product: Light or Dark Blue

Baby Powder

Color of Product: Light or Dark Blue. light Pink or Dark Pink or Purple


Color of Product: Red, Light Green


Color of Product: Red, Red & White


Color of Product: Red


Color of Product:  Red or Green 

Blue Spruce

Color of Product: Light or Dark Blue


Color of Product: Green